KWON & KIM Patent & Trademark Attorneys strives to be a leading firm specializing in advising overseas clients about their Korean IP rights and advising Korean domestic clients about their overseas IP rights. Our attorneys and support staff have extensive experience of handling domestic and foreign IP cases and we put high a value on our members’ ability to understand our overseas clients’ requirements and equally to understand foreign legislation in order to better advise our domestic clients. Our team includes language experts so that we can promptly and accurately respond to our clients’ demands. KWON & KIM Patent & Trademark Attorneys strives to be a “Beyond current and fixed Space” patent law firm. When we draft a patent application and when we translate a specification and claims, for example, we endeavor to break habitual and conventional practice and to find more suitable substitutions that are more adaptable to newly revised laws and swiftly changing technology trends. Thus, all of us are studying hard while working hard. KWON & KIM Patent & Trademark Attorneys have attorneys and support staff engaged in all technical fields to meet all of our clients’ specific needs. However, since we are still a relatively small firm, we can work more closely with our clients and devote more time to meet our clients’ demands. At the same time, we work as if we are the biggest firm in the world. Our service covers IP prosecution, IP enforcement, patent mapping, clearance searches, patent evaluation, licensing, annuity payment service etc. as in other firms, and we guarantee that we will provide you with comprehensive advice and the best expert legal service.

KWON & KIM Patent & Trademark Attorneys